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What is CustomConvect 3™, and how does convection cooking work?

Electrolux ICON ranges offer CustomConvect 3™, which features a third convection element for consistently even results, up to 30% faster cooking times, and even more baking options. Convection cooking is cooking with the added advantage of airflow circulation, which allows for a more even distribution of heat. By using the forced flow of hot air, convection cooking produces the following benefits:
  • Cooking time is approximately 25 – 30% faster than in conventional ovens, saving energy.
  • The more even distribution of heat results in food that is more evenly baked.
  • Generally, less heat is required than with a conventional oven – a convection oven usually cooks at 25°F below a conventional oven's required temperature. So simply program your oven according to your recipe’s temperature requirements and press “Convection Conversion,” and the oven will automatically convert the temperature.