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What can I do to ensure the best results when cooking with my Induction Cooktop?

There are many factors that can affect cooking, but you can help ensure best results by following these recommendations:
  • Use heavier, high-quality cookware that is suitable for Induction Cooktops. High-quality cookware that is heavier and has a flat bottom will help your food cook more evenly.
  • Use the correct size cookware. The two induction cooking zones available on the Cooktop require a specific pan size to be used at each location. The inner ring of each cooking zone is your guide to the correct minimum pan size. The pan bottom must fully cover the inner ring for proper cooking to occur. The thicker outer ring each cooking zone is helpful to determine the maximum pan size.
  • Adjust the recipe's suggested temperature or cooking time. Your Induction Cooktop provides exceptional temperature control that allows you to adjust heat with greater accuracy than Gas or Electric Cooktops, especially at lower settings. Perfect for melting chocolate and cooking delicate foods and sauces.