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What should I do if my Induction Cooktop doesn’t seem to be heating?

If your Induction Cooktop doesn’t seem to be heating, it might be because:
  • You need to check the placement of your cookware. If you have an Induction Cooktop, be sure that the bottom of your pot or pan is large enough for the cooking zone you’re using, and that it is centered on it.
  • Your cookware isn’t compatible with an Induction Cooktop. Our Induction Cooktop surfaces are compatible with most cookware you might use—if a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pot or pan, it will work on an Induction Cooktop.
  • No cookware was placed on your Induction Cooktop. If you’re using an Induction Cooktop, it will not turn on unless a pot or pan has been placed on it.
  • The Cooktop’s control needs to be adjusted. Make sure the right control is turned on for the element you’re using, and that the setting isn’t too low. (Try turning it to a slightly higher setting until the element turns on.)
  • The wiring is not complete. Contact your local dealer, installing agent, or authorized service provider, or contact Electrolux ICON® at 1-877-4 ELECTROLUX.