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How can I prevent scratches on my Electric or Induction Cooktop?

Prior to using your Cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended Cooktop cleanser to the surface and buff using a nonabrasive cloth or pad. The special Cooktop cleansing cream leaves a protective finish that helps prevent scratches and abrasions. To further prevent scratches on your Cooktop surface:
  • Be sure that the Cooktop and any pots, pans, or utensils you use are clean. If coarse particles (such as salt) come between your Cooktop and utensils, scratches can result.
  • Use pots and pans that have a smooth, flat bottom.
  • Use cleaning materials that are recommended for ceramic/glass Cooktops.
Any small scratches that occur will not affect your Cooktop’s performance, and will become less visible over time.