Kitchen Appliances - Dishwashers

My dishwasher cycle takes longer than I expected. Is that normal?

Electrolux ICON dishwashers have a variety of cycles for you to choose from, depending on your cleaning needs and preferred timing. The different options can impact the time it takes for a wash cycle to complete. Some options that impact the running time of a cycle include:
  • The delay start option, which will postpone the start of the cycle until the time you have selected. It is designed to allow you to control when your dishwasher runs – choose to have it run it when it’s most convenient for you, or to coincide with lower energy rates.
  • The sanitize option, which takes longer to wash and dry. This option uses higher heat for maximum cleaning, and offers maximum drying capabilities.
It can also be normal for the wash cycle to be momentarily delayed if water needs to be heated to the appropriate temperature. Although the time to wash and dry may seem longer than expected, you can rest assured that you are always being very responsible with our natural resources, because all Electrolux ICON dishwashers are Energy Star® rated.