Kitchen Appliances - Dishwashers

What can I do to best ensure that my dishes are dry after the dishwasher is finished running?

The high-efficiency fan of the Luxury-Dry™ System produces outstanding drying results. In addition, to ensure that your dishes are dry after your dishwasher cycle is complete, follow these steps:
  • Be sure the racks are loaded correctly. Cups and bowls should be loaded facing down, to allow for maximum drying and to prevent water from collecting in them.
  • Be sure the rinse aid dispenser is full, because the rinse aid is a very important part of maximizing your dishwasher’s drying capability. Check the low rinse aid indicator on your control panel and if it is low, refill the dispenser located on your dishwasher’s door.
  • Check to see that your water temperature can reach at least 120°F (49°C).
Here’s another tip: Simply use the hi-temp or sanitize setting for increased drying performance.