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Why am I not getting ice from my ice dispenser?

If no ice is coming out of your Refrigerator’s ice dispenser, it might be because there is not enough ice in the ice maker. To make sure your Freezer is producing enough ice:
  • Be sure your water supply is connected to the Refrigerator (see the Installation Instructions).
  • Check that the ice maker is turned on. After ice is made, your dispenser should work.
  • Turn your Freezer control to a colder setting, so that ice will be made more quickly. After ice is made, your dispenser should work.
  • If your Refrigerator is equipped with a Express Ice™ setting or an Express Freeze™ button, you can turn on either of these features to help make ice more quickly.
  • Open the water line valve. Allow enough time for ice to be made; when it has been made, the dispenser should work.
  • Be sure that your Freezer door is closed.
Note: If the ice dispenser’s paddle has been held in for four to five minutes, the motor will become overloaded. It will reset in approximately three minutes, after which you can get ice from the dispenser.